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Discount on long-term stays

Trinity suites offers discounts for long term stays. The percentage of discount is variable depending on the duration of the stay.

Bargain Bazaar


The Majestic market is located close to the city's main bus stand and railway station. The place has all kinds of shops and shoppers may find best deals here. Though, the place is crowded with shops, hawkers and buyers, the roads are cleaner and broader compared to other shopping places such as Avenue Street, Russell market and Chikpet. Burma Bazaar, Hong Kong Bazaar and National Market are among the main shopping attractions at Majestic. The place also has many theaters that regularly screen Kannada, Tamil, Telugu and Hindi films. Majestic is located at a distance of around 6 to 7 kms from Trinity Suites.

Russell Market

This is one of the oldest and most famous markets of Bangalore. Located very close to Trinity Suites at a distance of around 3 kms, Russel Market sells all types of fruits, vegetables, meat, flowers, knick-knacks, spices, jewellery, house hold appliances, imported products etc. The market was started in 1927 by the British and was inaugurated in 1933. It is named after the then municipal commissioner T. B. Russel. The place is cramped, overcrowded, dirt filled and yet gives a unique shopping experience to shoppers. A major portion of the Russel Market was ravaged in a fire accident in February 2012.

Avenue Road

Avenue Road is one of the oldest roads and major landmarks of Bangalore. This is a place where you get almost everything that you need at great prices. The road is a one way and starts from the land mark "Hanuman Temple" at the Mysore Road Circle on Kempe Gowd Road to the City Market Square. The road has no trees and has a width of 30 feet. On either side of the road are located many small lanes and markets that offer a wide range of products at incredible prices.

Avenue Street is an integral part of Bengalur Pete established by Kempe Gowda in 1537 with roads laid in cardinal direction. It forms a well-defined body of markets, which were associated with various trades and professions of the populace in the locality markets and given the names of trades pursued in such markets.

The well known markets of Bengaluru Pete are Tharagupete – market for grains, the Balepete – for bangles and musical instruments, the Chikkapete and the Nagarthpete – for textile trade, the Ballapurpete and the Ganigarapete market where the oil is extracted by the people of the Ganiga community, the Tigalarapete – flower market of gardeners and the Cubbonpete – textile manufactured by people of the Devanga community. The place also has several new markets such as Raja Market, where you buy gold, silver, imitation jewelry, fancy materials etc.

The Pete as built by Kempegowda I had two main streets, namely the Chikkapete Street, which ran east-west, and the Doddapete Street, which ran north-south. Their intersection fomed the Doddapete Square (present Avenue road), the heart of Bangalore.

Avenue Street is located at a distance of around 5-6 kms from Trinity Suites.

Sunday Bazaar at BVK Iyengar Road

BVK Iyengar Road, which runs parallel to Avenue Road, is one of the most popular shopping hubs of Bangalore. The road has shops on both sides selling a huge range of products. The Road dons an altogether different avatar on Sundays by playing host to 'Sunday Bazaar.' You will get almost everything under the sun at Sunday Bazaar at dirt cheap prices.

It all started when few vendors came together and started selling second-hand products at throwaway prices. The idea became a hit and more vendors started selling their wares. At Sunday Bazaar, you can buy a shirt and a pant for less than Rs. 100. Products ranging from second-hand electronic goods to knock-offs of branded items are sold here.

The road is usually crammed with traffic and so it is advisable to park your vehicle a little away from the area. We will not promise you that the products sold here will offer you value for money, but shopping here could be a thrilling experience.

The Garden City


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Serviced Boutique Suites

Trinity Suites is called boutique serviced suites because it combines the best features of boutique hotels and serviced apartments. A boutique hotel contains luxury facilities of varying size in unique and intimate settings with full service accommodations. It is furnished in a themed and stylish manner. In a boutique hotel, services are offered in a comfortable, intimate and welcoming setting. Trinity Suites offers a unique experience to its guests by bringing together luxury service, serenity and homely setting in one of the most commercially vibrant areas of Bangalore.

MG Road, Bangalore

Mahatma Gandhi Road, popularly known as M. G. Road, is in the central business district of Bangalore. It is one of Bangalore's well known commercial hubs and a famous landmark. The road runs from Trinity Circle at one end to Mahatma Gandhi statue


Every room has

  • Telephone with a direct line
  • Internet with wi-fi
  • TV with satellite connection
  • Adjustable air-conditioning
  • 24 hour power back up facility
  • 24 hour hot water facility